We are always striving to create the best from what the kitchen and cellar provide. We would like to serve you attentively, out of enjoyment of our profession.

A taste of our Soups, Salads & Appetisers (not all times)

Swabian Wedding Soup
Beef soup with German savoury egg custard, bone marrow dumplings, and spaetzle
4,20 €
Home-made Hungarian Goulash Soup 4,50 €
Large Plate of Salad
with tuna, strips of ham, cheese, egg, and toast
8,50 €
Salad Plate "Mandarin"
Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, fresh bell peppers, and onions in a tangerine - yoghurt dressing, with roasted chicken slices, toast
9,50 €
Small mixed salad 3,00 €

A taste of our Toast, Poultry, Meat-free & Fish (not for all times)

"Councilmen" Toast
Fillet steak with mushrooms, béarnaise sauce and salad garnish
16,00 €
Turkey medallions with roast fruit, mango chutney in curry sauce, croquettes
11,50 €
"Mexican" Skewer
Turkey medallions with bacon and onions on a skewer with pineapple, green pepper, sweetcorn, and bell pepper strips in a fiery sauce, buttery Rice
11,50 €
Baked Jacket Potato
baked with spinach in cream, hollandaise sauce and cheese.
8,50 €
Plaice Fillet "Finknewerde Style"
with bacon cubes fried in butter, potatoes
11,50 €
"Reinhardswald Trout Fillets"
fried coated in egg with a herb and Riesling wine sauce, rice
11,50 €
 you want a side salad? Please order this extra  3,00 €  

A taste of our Veal & Pork (not all times)

Wiener schnitzel (Veal) with Chips 14,00 €
"Cordon bleu"
Veal cutlet filled with ham and cheese, cream Sauce, chips
14,50 €
"Brauhaus Cutlet"
with roasted onions and herb butter, chips
10,80 €
"Las Vegas Plate"
Cutlet in an almond crust with a bunch of green beans, mushrooms, asparagus, grilled tomato, chips
13,80 €
Medallions "French Style"
gratinated with tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, garlic, and hollandaise sauce, croquettes
13,80 €
 you want a side salad? please order this extra 3,00 €  

A taste of our Steak & Recommendations for Argentinean Beef (not all times)

Rump steak approx. 200 g 13,50 €
Rump steak approx. 300 g 18,50 €
Fillet steak approx. 150 g 13,50 €
Fillet steak approx. 250 g 19,50 €
Fillet steak approx. 300 g 22,50 €
Please choose your sides:  
Roast potatoes, chips, potato rosti, croquettes 2,50 €
Herb butter or horseradish 0,70 €
Portion of fried onions 1,50 €
Portion of mushrooms 3,50 €
Herb and garlic mushrooms in a cream sauce 4,00 €

Our Recommendations (not all times)

"Allgäuer Fillet Plate"
Pork fillet medallions served on cheese spaetzle glazed with a delicious mushroom cream sauce
13,80 €
"Parisian Fillet Plate"
Beef and pork fillet with spicy onion sauce, smoked sausage, green pepper, mushrooms, roast potatoes, and needle beans
15,80 €
"Strindberg" Skewer
rolled rump steak filled with glacéed onions, mustard, bacon, and béarnaise sauce, Chips
18,50 €
"Hot Thing in a Pot"
Cubed fillet, delicate vegetables, garlic-, chilli-, and pepper sauce in cream, croquettes
17,50 €
 you want a side salad? please order this extra   3,00 €